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Here you will find our original reports and the reports of our organizations, You will learn about our position on important migration issues. You will read various migration policies and simply see what we are up to.

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The Migration Academy is a hybrid tool for local governments and NGOs to gain knowledge and competence in migration management. On the platform you will find educational and expert materials on the integration of people with migration and refugee experience in Poland, especially at the local level.
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Report: The Polish School of Assistance

The report is based on an analysis of activities carried out in selected local communities from three types of cities: large (Krakow, Lublin, Poznan, Rzeszow, Warsaw), medium (Lomza,…
Reports | 10.05.2023
Zdjęcie z lasu na pograniczu polsko-białoruskim

Seeking refuge in Poland: A fact finding report on access to asylum and reception conditions for asylum seekers

At the beginning of the crisis at the Belarusian border in 2021, Poland became the centre of attention in Europe for its response to what it defined as…
Reports | 17.04.2023

Polish School of Helping: Minors

This text is an excerpt from the "Polish School of Helping" report. You can read the full report here. In the face of a real threat to life…
News | 24.03.2023

Grupa Granica / Border Group needs your support!

For almost a year, the whole responsibility for helping refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border lies on the shoulders of local residents, volunteers and a few non-governmental organizations. Grupa…
Money collections | 01.01.2023

Open letter to international donors and organizations that want to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland

We appeal for equal approach to the concept of partnership, respect for the limited time and resources of our organizations, unification of procedures, transparency and frankness. We have…
Positions | 10.10.2022
11.11.2021 - Kuznica | Sytuacja na granicy polsko - bialoruskiej Operacja Silne Wsparcie Policja / Straz Graniczna1 PBOT / 12 dywizja , 16 dywizja 6 PBD

Beyond the law. Legal assessment of the Polish State’s activities in response to the humanitarian crisis of the Polish-Belarusian border

Dear Readers, We present to you a study which is a legal commentary to the dramatic events that have been taking place on the Polish–Belarusian border since August…
Reports | 01.02.2022

Comments regarding the new Pact on Migration and Asylum

September 2021 will see one year pass from the announcement by the European Union of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum. According to its authors, that document,…
Politics, Positions | 03.12.2021
Grupa ludzi stojących przed

The migration-related policy of Poland – main directions and principles

Introduction We believe that human rights and liberties derived from an individual’s dignity form the base on which the policy of every state should be built. We firmly…
Politics, Positions | 02.07.2021