Upholding the right to asylum and ensuring unconditional solidarity with all people on the move

December 19, 2023 | News
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SOLIDAR has a diverse membership of over 50 civil society organisations based in 26 countries. Our member organisations include popular education associations, trade unions, independent think tanks, migrant-led organisations working to advance social justice through a just transition. One aspect of our vision for social justice is a governance of migration based on the respect of fundamental rights and solidarity, that we work towards in a Task Force on Migration and Inclusion. SOLIDAR’s Secretariat acts as a bridge between the national/local levels, where our members work to provide support to and advance the rights of migrant people, and the European level where policies about these people and their funding are decided.  

The SOLIDAR network strives for a world in which the movement of people for residence, whether across borders or within their country, is treated as a common human feature, and comes with rights. Yet, migration to Europe is restricted and often criminalised. To make our vision a reality in Europe, where our network operates primarily, we have elaborated a list of demands. They range from sustaining existing human rights commitments, to exploring new practices based on solidarity with people on the move, understood as awareness and support of shared interests. We propose a series of concrete actions and long-term processes on all aspects of the migration reality, that implemented all together can bring about the structural change we want, under those five axes of actions:

  • Uphold the right to seek asylum as understood in the Geneva Convention and its Protocol.
  • Implement a solidarity- and rights-based approach to protection in Europe.
  • Expand safe and regular pathways for migration and protection.
  • Support the long-term inclusion and participation of migrants, including refugees.
  • Promote a positive narrative on migration and diversity.
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