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Report: The Polish School of Assistance

The report is based on an analysis of activities carried out in selected local communities from three types of cities: large (Krakow, Lublin, Poznan, Rzeszow, Warsaw), medium (Lomza,…
Reports | 10.05.2023
Zdjęcie z lasu na pograniczu polsko-białoruskim

Seeking refuge in Poland: A fact finding report on access to asylum and reception conditions for asylum seekers

At the beginning of the crisis at the Belarusian border in 2021, Poland became the centre of attention in Europe for its response to what it defined as…
Reports | 17.04.2023
11.11.2021 - Kuznica | Sytuacja na granicy polsko - bialoruskiej Operacja Silne Wsparcie Policja / Straz Graniczna1 PBOT / 12 dywizja , 16 dywizja 6 PBD

Beyond the law. Legal assessment of the Polish State’s activities in response to the humanitarian crisis of the Polish-Belarusian border

Dear Readers, We present to you a study which is a legal commentary to the dramatic events that have been taking place on the Polish–Belarusian border since August…
Reports | 01.02.2022