The Association for Legal Intervention

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Siedmiogrodzka 5/51
01-204 Warsaw

Our goals

The Association for Legal Intervention is a civil society organisation whose statutory objective is to take steps aimed at ensuring that human rights are respected and that no individual is treated unequally, disregard of their nationality, ethnicity, religion  and migration status.

Our mission

We seek social cohesion by means of promoting the equality of all people in the face of the law. We extend our support chiefly to refugees and migrants in Poland. As of now, they form a group which runs a considerable risk of being socially excluded or discriminated against.

Our activities

There are many ways in which we strive to achieve our goals:

  • we provide free of charge legal assistance to migrants and refugees in Poland
  • when fundamental rights of migrants are at risk, we represent them before Polish courts and the European Court of Human Rights and we also make third-party interventions in pending proceedings
  • we take an active part in social consultations related to legal acts pertaining to the situation of migrants in Poland. We respond to any breaches of their rights as soon as possible
  • we help migrants navigate in a new reality in Poland. We work to improve their integration, as well as access to medical, social and housing assistance in Poland
  • we conduct research, carry out watchdog activities and prepare expert opinions in the sphere of migration
  • we actively participate in conferences in Poland and abroad, as well as in meetings of international organisations monitoring the observance of human rights in Poland, notifying them of main threats to the rights of migrants in Poland.
Open organisation website
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