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Górczewska 137
00-031 Warsaw

The Polish Migration Forum Foundation was established in 2007 to work for the respect of foreigners’ rights in Poland. It is registered in the National Court Register under the number 0000272075 and has the status of a public benefit organization.

Our mission

At PFM we want Poland to be a country where people of different races, religions and cultures live in harmony and respect, strive for understanding and cooperation. Our mission is to support the integration of people who migrate to Poland – so that it becomes a second homeland for them.

Our activities

PFM works for the integration of foreigners and Poles living abroad, and also initiates and supports activities that lead to dialogue between people of different cultures. The Foundation specializes in information activities, providing direct support to foreigners (psychological, on the labor market, in legalizing their stay), training (for teachers, psychologists, civil servants) and activities on the borderline between formal and informal education (workshops, urban games). SWF supports migrant women in a special way – by organizing birthing schools and support groups for migrant mothers.

Our working methods

We act innovatively:

  • We are constantly looking for new ways of working
  • We analyze the needs of migrants and migrant women, and respond to them flexibly
  • In designing our activities, we benefit from the interdisciplinary knowledge of our team

We are committed:

  • We put a lot of heart and commitment into every meeting with our male and female beneficiaries
  • Our team consists of male and female activists – actions for foreigners are personally important to us
  • We involve male and female volunteers in our activities

We act with attention to quality:

  • We act comprehensively. We make sure that foreigners can get support in various aspects of their lives thanks to us
  • Improving the competence of the team is important to us. We participate in trainings, seminars, study visits
Open organisation website
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