Polish Hospitality Foundation

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Our mission

Our goal is to make Poland a more open and tolerant country, where everybody is treated with respect. We support actions meaning to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees. We know that raising the awareness among Polish people is crucial and that is why we fight to provide credible information and take care to provide reliable social communication.



Social campaigns – we carry out campaigns to change attitude of Polish society and to help fight with xenophobia, racism and improve skills in effective helping.

Information campaigns – we provide reliable information, we do everyday fact checking and verify politicians’ and journalists’ statements.

Direct help

Integration of refugees’ children – thanks to our trained volunteers we provide several dozens of refugees’ children and adults with Polish lessons, school help and psychological support.

Moving – we help search for a flat and organize a move over from refugee centers to a new home.

Ad-hoc interventions – when need arise in critical situation, we organize psychological, legal and speech therapy help. We are also of assist in Polish departments, hospitals and at the police.

Open organisation website
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